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Word Maze

4.4 ( 7984 ratings )
Розробник: Mother Teresa Catholic High School

Word Maze is an educational memory, critical thinking and spelling game for kids aged 4-10. In Word Maze, you are to tilt a ball through a randomly generated maze, racing against the clock to get to the end. The faster you can get the ball to the end, the more points you will get when you reach the end of the maze, but if you dont make it to the end in time, you will lose points. Once you get to the end of the maze, a word will quickly flash on the screen and you must pick the correct word that flashed out of a selection of 4 other words. If you pick the correct word, you get more points! The objective of the game is to get as many points as possible to buy different types of balls with different superpowers. With over 10 different balls and superpowers to choose from, over 20 flashing word levels and an endless number of different mazes to solve, youll be playing and learning with Word Maze all day!